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Honey and Acacia – Isis and Osiris essay published

My latest creative non-fiction essay (reads like fiction), Honey and Acacia, appears in Eternal Haunted Summer magazine. It’s based on the Egyptian myths of Isis and Osiris (Iset and Usire), and will be illustrated in the future. EHS is a phenomenal quarterly magazine for lovers of mythology, folklore and the mythic, packed with essays, articles, […]

me and jarilo painting

My latest watercolor (commissioned by Witches and Pagans magazine)

Just finished this painting of the Slavic and Norse God Jarilo / Frey, walking across the fields and blessing them for Spring. You might recognize this from the ink version, originally commissioned by Witches and Pagans magazine. Gouche, painted at the studio of the wonderful Holly Von Winckel, and snapped by her in the setting […]

rogue particles

Poetry & Art published in Rogue Particles and Eternal Haunted Summer

The brand new literary magazine Rogue Particles includes my poetic essay about living and traveling along both coasts “Two Bay Shores” in its debut issue. I’m published alongside New York times’ best-selling writer Darynda Jones (First Grave on the Right) and a host of other excellent authors. Or, head on over to Eternal Haunted Summer […]

Norse Goddess Eir Best of Doctors- Shirl Sazynski

Eir: Best of Doctors– Idunna Magazine

Lineart illustration for an essay I wrote, appearing in Idunna Magazine this spring. Eir is the Norse Goddess of medicine, physicians and healing, associated with a magic hill or mountain. She has a number of Goddess friends who hang out together, according the wonderful courting poem Svipdagsmal (seriously, it’s one of the cutest myths ever. […]

Frey awakening the land in spring.

Frey: Spring Awakening the Land – Commissioned image

My latest commissioned illustration for the Spring issue of Witches and Pagans magazine. (Go read it when it comes out!) While the magazine uses lineart, the final work will be a watercolor painting. Several motifs from the story I was called to illustrate– deer bones, antlers, the land reawakening and an earth spirit who heals […]

Heimdall and Loki Duel

Heimdall and Loki Duel for Brisingamen

In Norse myth, the Gods Heimdall and Loki brutally duel as two seals over the Goddess Freyja’s necklace, Brisingamen, which Loki stole and Heimdall won back. Large sketch for a watercolor painting, part of a longer sequence that’s part of an illustrated book.

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Odin / Lugh as the Yule King painting

Gouache on paper. I painted this image of the Norse God Odhin during Yule, based on a vision I’d had over a year ago. It’s a companion to my other painting of Ingvi-Freyr as the Yule King, and is the man the youth became. In Heathenry / Asatru, Odhin is both a god of joy […]

Metropolis Art Gallery_Happy Prince_Sazynski

Exhibitions at Metropolis Comic Art Gallery

I’m in the current show at Metropolis Comic Art Gallery in Albuquerque (1102 Mountain Rd. NW Suite 202– look for the huge sign on the railings) which hangs through the holidays, with a two-page adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” available for $250.  

Day-spring_finds_Menglöd- Svipdagsmal_Collingwood

Love & (male) vulnerability in Norse myth: Freyr and the wooing of Gerda in Skirnismal

This essay was recently published, and can also be found at my blog for Witches and Pagans magazine. “Power to me is displayed by the peacemaker. I understand there is a level of excitement in those stories of being held by a man’s man for a moment, but that is a rickety banister to hold […]

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